Profiles in Horses – Achilles: No Weakness Here!

Achilles was born on the farm where I live very near to my human’s birthday the year I came to live here. His dam is Tessa a mixed-breed horse who is a real black beauty with a white star. His sire is a HUGE American Warmblood stallion known who is also the sire of Athena, Rocko and Aiden. Their sire’s dam, Song, also lives at the farm where I live. American Warmblood’s names start with the same letter as their sire. Rocko’s full name is Alacazam’s Rockin Whiz, so his too is an A name.

Achilles started out being a dark almost black color like his dam but then became almost a grey color before becoming once again a dark color like his dam. He has one blue eye that most likely came from Tessa’s lines, but neither his dam or sire have any blue eyes. He also has lots of “chrome” or white markings on his body. Achilles got his sire and damsire’s height as he is one big boy.

But, as is often the case, he is a gentle giant. Achilles is rather like a big puppy dog to horse and human alike. Thankfully, he does understand horse behavior, so he might follow you around, but he won’t get in your face. With humans, he is very easy going, which is good I hear because he is so big. Like any of us, he can have his moments where he doesn’t want to do something a human is asking and might get a little naughty, but still he is one of the best of us in getting along.

He is in training under saddle and great things are expected of him. I could really see him doing well in the dressage ring, as he’s so flashy the judges are sure to have their eye on him. It remains to be seen if he will take to the dressage ring or jumping or eventing or maybe something completely different. One thing is for certain though, Achilles has no weaknesses and is a fantastic horse who will go the extra mile to please.

I hope you enjoyed meeting Achilles. He’s one of the buddies I hang with during the “non-hay” months of the year in the big field. You can see more pictures of him at my Facebook Page ( in the other horses folder.



Profiles in Horses: The Princess

Princess Tonka Tu

Princess Tonka Tu may just go by Tonka, but she’s true royalty! Tonka is a mostly sweet buckskin pony who is respected by nearly all of the mares who she has been in a field with. Even the infamous Sapphire steps in line when Tonka is around.

Tonka is an old soul, not sure how old, who was not born at the farm I live at. She came here with a mission and a job – to teach young (and young at heart) humans to ride. That’s right, Tonka is a teacher. She teaches more than just riding though. She is sure to test humans when it comes to grooming and tack-up. She will do little things like trying to take a hoof away when a human is picking them or walking away when a human is putting the bridle on. She doesn’t do it to be mean, but she really is giving humans a solid foundation for learning to deal with any horse and to always be on their toes.

In the ring, Tonka might one day show a stubborn streak to teach humans how to make a horse go, and the next day, she might be full of vim and vigor, ready to go, just not always going where the human might want. It’s quite comical to watch this expert teacher do her thing because the human on her back can get frustrated. Eventually though, Tonka knows she has done her job when her human rider graduates on to a new mount.

Tonka may be getting up in years, but she is still as playful as she was when she was a much younger filly. She likes to flirt with the boys, even sometimes outdoing the much younger girls and tear up the field like she was a yearling.

She has had a few babies while at the farm, but now her days of motherhood are behind her. She continues to be a valuable teacher and all around great and wise elder to all of the horses who live here. She also never met a treat or feed she didn’t like. She does have to watch her diet a little because of her weight, no one wants to see her founder.

Mt Hope Horse Rescue 2012 FALL BULB FUNDRAISER!

Great place that needs help!


Dear friends:

Fall is nearly here and it is time to start thinking about planting your fall bulbs! Your order is greatly appreciated and all proceeds earned by my barn through your support will help to support Mt Hope Horse Rescue! The horses need your support now more than ever as we will be closing our doors on November 1st. So please share with your family and friends so that we can help the barn babees!

Though we still plan on closing on November 1st, until that time we still have bills that need paid and to care for the remaining horses until they find homes.

The fundraiser will start on Mon. Sept 17th and run through Oct. 15th. Our goal is to make at least $2000!! We made $1500 last year. We should be able to double that this year if everyone who has a Facebook/MySpace/Blog, etc posts this…

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