Profiles in Horses: Trooper

ImageThis week’s horse is Trooper! Trooper is an Arab horse who is around twenty years of age. We don’t know as much about Trooper as we do about horses like Allez Tam and I. While Arab’s lineage can be traced back even farther than Thoroughbreds (!), Trooper came to his current owner without all the backstory. He certainly is a handsome grey these days with the regal Arab look and quick mind.

When Trooper came to his current owner, he was a chestnut like me. Looking at him now, that is so very hard to believe. He is truly a roan horse. I would have liked to have seen Trooper in all his chestnut glory. Nowadays, he’s mostly grey with a few flecks of red.

Trooper is an excellent riding horse, but requires a rider who can be in charge and who is unafraid of moving out. Like more hot-blooded horses, Trooper likes to go fast. He also is pretty patient, too, as he will allow the farm dogs to ride on his back! I’m not sure I’d ever want a dog on my back, but Trooper will let them up with or without a human rider and take them around as well.

Trooper loves his treats, and for him, he’s not too discriminating. He will eat mints, carrots, apples and anything sweet and yummy. He’s a smart guy, too, because Trooper knows some tricks. His favorite, and the one that always gets him treats, is his bow. Trooper will cross one front leg over the other and lower his head. You know he gets a ton of treats for that one! I’ve seen him do it to an unsuspecting human in the field, and it’s always a hit.

Trooper gets along with most everyone. I’ve only ever seen Grafton have a problem with him. Once, Grafton, Trooper and I were all in a paddock together. Grafton just would not leave poor Trooper alone. He often chased after Trooper and ripped up his blanket. I tried to be friends with Trooper, but Grafton would always chase us apart. Out in the field with all the geldings, there’s enough space and buddies that Grafton doesn’t go after him.

Trooper is truly a gentleman and a dashing horse! I think he’s a great friend to horses, humans, and I guess dogs, too!



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