Profiles in Horses : Meet Allez Tam

Hello, friends! It has been far too long since I put hoof to paper. I wanted to start a new series on my blog. Each week I will share a profile of a horse at the barn. I want to let you know more details about who lives at my barn. Maybe one day you’ll get to meet them, too, if you come meet me. I figured we should do ladies first, since I am a southern gentlman, so I’m starting with my dear friend, Allez Tam.

Allez Tam is a registered Thoroughbred just like me! She was born in Pennsylvania, where so many of my dear human friends live. Her birthday is April 7, 1993, so she is six years older than me. She is by Every Intent and out of Bold Tam Tam (by Lemigrant). Some of the famous names she features in her pedigree are Pleasant Colony, The Minstrel, Bold Ruler and Ribot, just to name a few! She gets asked quite often by those how know racehorses if she has Tim Tam, but she does not. Around the barn she is typically called “Allez”.

She started her racing career on October 19, 1997 in a maiden special weight at Mountaineer in West Virginia. She finished seventh that day. Although she would go on to race 32 times over her four year career and finish some game seconds and thirds, Allez would never break her maiden. She likely would have broke her maiden on June 28, 2000 in a maiden claiming at Penn National. Unfortunately, she would break bones in her leg that day, but showing her Thoroughbred heart and soul, she held on for third. She finished her career with six seconds and five thirds for total earnings of $14,915. Amazingly, she finished her career racing for the same couple who bred her: Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. Springer.

The break in her leg meant her racing career was finished. She went on to become a broodmare, first for Thoroughbreds. We don’t know for certain how many babies she had. Eventually, she was purchased by the owners of the farm I live at. They used her as a broodmare for Paints and Warmbloods. She had several babies. I only met two of them: Robin’s Painted Night AKA Colt (whose sire is Buddy who also lives on the farm) and Athena, who was her last baby, five years ago. Nowadays, Allez is used sometimes for beginnger riders. She still enjoys being first when on a ride. My human rode her on a trail ride one day. They were at the rear of the line, but once everyone broke into a nice trot, Allez took off at a canter for the lead! 🙂

Allez’s only real bad habit is that she cribs like me. It can make her lose weight, as she’ll sometimes spend more time cribbing than grazing. She loves peppermints, a friendly voice and love pats. She’s a beautiful dark bay/brown who usually looks more black than bay.


I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know one of the horses where I live a little more. 🙂


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